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Virus Removal

virus malware removal cleaning serviceIf you suspect that your home or office computer/network has been infected with a virus, your best move is to call the professionals at Custom Computers. Today’s internet threats are completely different in that the goal is to not only disable your computer but to gain as many account numbers, credit card numbers, log-ins, passwords, etc. as possible to be used for internet crimes such as fraud, identity theft, etc.  This leaves you exposed to possibly having business information, credit cards and/or bank accounts being compromised as well as your email and social network accounts being taken over. All of which to end with difficult and embarrassing situations.

Do not fear yet as we have been providing the very best internet security, spyware cleaning, virus removal and prevention services since 1994 and most virus removal services are done within 24 to 48hrs time.

Whether it’s for business or personal use we will get your computer cleaned up, running in tip top shape, and back to you quickly as well as teach you about virus prevention techniques and provide you with the tools to keep your system clean. We offer these services to home and business clients in the Kingston, Forty Fort, Wilkes Barre and Surrounding areas.

We take a completely different approach to typical virus cleanups as all the protection in the world will not stop the bad guys if your internet habits are not curbed to proper safe ways of surfing the internet. Once your computer is cleaned of malware we just don’t ship it out the door to happen again but rather we provide the tools and the training to keep your computer free of malware in the future.

Custom Computers offers tiered pricing depending on the depth of service your situation may require or the level of service you request. Our virus removal packages start at $ 89.00