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Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Services

data-recovery-service-hard-drive-flashWe offer a variety of data recovery services to suit almost any data recovery need. We rescue lost data from hard drives and other media that have experienced everything from common drive failure, corruption, viruses, or accidental deletion, to damage from power surges, flood, smoke or fire. We offer both in-house data recovery and a relay service to our data recovery partner’s facility for the more difficult recovery situations where the media has sustained extensive physical damage and cannot be recovered without the use of specialized equipment in a clean room. Never assume data is unrecoverable. We’ve successfully recovered data from thousands of drives with extreme physical damage when others have said data recovery was not possible. Our technicians understand the business and personal implications associated with a traumatic data loss and have the ability to recover almost any data from any type of media. In as little as a few hours we can recover and return your data, enabling you to quickly resume work again. Our Experience Is Your Solution.

In-House Recovery Services :

We perform data recovery services in-house which gives us the advantage of being able to quickly recover your data and get you back up and running as fast as possible. Recovery is performed by our own technicians and every effort is made to secure your data in a safe trustworthy environment. Express recovery service is available and we have recovered data from certain types of media within minutes of receiving the media. Others may offer data recovery services and will send your drive out to a recovery facility but we are the only local service center currently doing in-house recovery services within our own facility.

Recovery Facility Relay Service :

If it is determined that your storage media has sustained extensive physical damage or failure that cannot be recovered by use of our in-house equipment, we offer a relay service to send your drive to our data recovery partner’s facility where it will be examined and recovered in a clean room with specialized proprietary equipment. Your project will be quickly assessed and a firm quote will be given. We stand behind our free initial estimate to ensure that your final price will never exceed the maximum amount quoted, no hidden clean room or parts fees ever. Our partner is the recognized leader in data recovery facilities and all manufacturers authorize and recommend them to open drives without voiding their warranty. They offer the fastest standard turnaround time in the industry at 24 to 48 hours and the extensive parts inventory means hardware replacement will never delay or defeat retrieval efforts.

Media Types :

We have the ability to recover data from almost any type of storage media technology on the market today including:

Hard drives – ATA, EIDE, IDE, SCSI, Firewire, PCMCIA, Fibre Channel, USB, RAID, NAS
Optical media – CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, Magneto-Optical
Magnetic media – Iomega Zip, Iomega Jaz, Bernoulli, ORB, PCMCIA, SyQuest, LS-120, Floppy
Flash media – USB, Thumb, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, XD, SD, Mini SD, MMC

All operating systems are supported.

Pricing :

We operate on the basis of if we cannot recover your data, we do not charge any recovery fee.

A minimum diagnostic fee applies to all data recovery projects and is as follows :

Hard drive recovery diagnostic fee is $ 50.00
Flash drive recovery diagnostic fee is $ 50.00
CD/DVD or Floppy recovery diagnostic fee is $ 25.00

The recovery fee itself is time based and will be quoted on a job by job basis. You will receive this quote after we do a diagnostic on the media and prior to data recovery. If we cannot recover your data, no recovery fee will be charged.

We have a two stage recovery process. Most recovery projects are done in house and is the fastest and most cost effective recovery method. If for some reason your data cannot be recovered in house we ship the drive to our data recovery partner’s facility for full media removal and recovery. Typical in house data recovery cost can be $ 50-300.00. If sent to the data recovery facility it can cost $ 200-500.00 for flash drives and $ 950-3000.00 for hard drives depending on the type and speed of service required.