Computer Systems, Service and Repairs

Remote Support

remote support serviceNew technologies have allowed us to offer remote PC and network management  and repair services in a fast and affordable method. By using remote PC management we reduce the time for a technician to respond to a repair issue as well as decreasing overall costs by eliminating travel time and lower personnel expenses.  Why go through the trouble of disconnecting your PC and dragging it down to the local service center when most software related issue can be handled remotely. We use a specialized remote access software that is fully encrypted (cannot be read by others on the internet) and allows us to take control of your keyboard and mouse as well as see your screen and you can sit back and watch the work we do. This service is not something we invented and there are others on the internet doing it but who else can you trust with access to your personal or business computers but our expert local technicians who have be in the business for almost two decades now.

Some of the services we offer include virus and spyware removal, computer maintenance, troubleshooting of errors, repair of software issues, general computer tutoring, adware and malware removal, software installations and uninstallations, customization of Microsoft Windows (any version), help with nearly any Windows-based program, and much more. We can even provide scheduled maintenance for your programs, operating systems, Antivirus and Antispyware applications and perform regular scans using those programs as well as update you to the latest protection.

Both home and business users can benefit by eliminating the frustrating hours on the telephone with technical support agents and ease the burden of having to bring your system in to a repair center.

Businesses can enjoy the benefit of complete system and network management as well as backup and server monitoring

Service contracts are available.

Pricing is based on $ 50.00 per hour with a 30 minute minimum charge of $ 25.00. Billing is done in 15 minute increments. Payment is accepted by Visa, Master Card, Discover or by Purchase Order if you have an NET terms account setup with us.

It’s a simple process to setup, is SSL encrypted for security, and only takes a few minutes to get connected. Then sit back and relax as your computer issues disappear…

To start a remote session simply download and run our remote support tool and call us with the ID and Password to get started.