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Used / Refurb

microsoft authorized refurbisher used computer systemsCustom Computers, Inc. is an authorized Microsoft System Refurbisher. What that means for you is you are assured you are getting thoroughly tested systems that have properly and legally licensed software and operating systems on them.

We have a constant supply of used and refurbished desktop systems in stock and occasionally have refurbished notebook and laptop computer systems. As typically notebooks and desktops do not last as long as a desktop PC we see far fewer of them but if you are looking for specific specs in a particular price range give us a call and we will see if we can supply you with a quality refurbished machine.

Typically we have custom built and Dell refurbished PC’s in stock and ready to go. They have been thoroughly tested and have had the hard drives wiped, cleaned out and the operating system pre-installed as per Microsoft’s regulations for refurbished PC’s. These procedures ensure you are getting a quality, well tested PC that has many years of life left in it.

Most Windows 7 refurbished desktop systems are currently selling for between $ 179 and $279 and we have numerous models in between. Call us to find a model that suits your needs.

We also have a supply of used parts, components and accessories if you are looking for something specif just contact us. Chances are that we have or can get it for you.