Computer Systems, Service and Repairs

System Tune-Up

System running Slow?   Need a tune up?   Tired of waiting?system tune-up for slow pc

Our technicians can optimize your system for peak performance.

We Will :

  • Remove any un-need programs from running on startup
  • Fine tune Windows performance settings
  • Defragment the hard drive for faster file access
  • Maximize virtual memory usage
  • Remove temporary internet and application files
  • Update your system with the current Windows security updates
  • Check that anti-virus and anti-spyware apps are up to date
  • Check your system for any file sharing programs
  • Check for ample hard disk space

This service can dramatically improve the performance of your system and prevent the need to replace it with a new system. Most system just need some tune up work and possibly some more RAM memory to run like new again. A system tune-up can be performed remotely without you or your computer every leaving the comfort of your home or business as long as you have a working high-speed internet connection.