Computer Systems, Service and Repairs


computer recycling center drop offCustom Computers, Inc. is a computer system recycling center in which we take old, used or non-working computer systems,
monitors, peripherals or parts and ensure they are responsibly recycled or re-used. We deal with a certified recycling vender where the components are dealt with in an environmentally sound manner here in the United States and not some other country where there are no or little pollution laws.

We all like to have our latest gadget, computer, tablet or phone every year but what we do not realize the impact all these devices have on the environment. Each year the US outputs millions of pounds of electronic waste each and every year. These devices contain many harmful chemicals like mercury and lead that can be very harmful if not handled properly.

They need to be properly recycled in a responsible manner but more than 80% of the drop off locations here in the Wyoming Valley cannot guarantee that they are not shipped overseas and destroying the planet. If you would like to learn more about this global epidemic then watch the video below and make sure you do your part and be certain that any old, un-used electronic items get dropped off to our service center so they can be properly handled.

There is no fee for this service. Just us doing our part for the planet…