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Malware Tip Of The Day – Safe Downloads

Malware Tip Of The Day ! July 2nd, 2014

Tip : Be CERTAIN to download programs from the maker of the program itself for three reasons…

1. Too many third party download websites are plastered with banner ads that try to trick you into downloading something else
2. They attach unwanted programs to the download itself.
3. You download the program from a website designed to provide you with Malware. The bad guys aim to be the first item in the search results when you search for popular programs.

Example : If you are looking to download Picasa to mange your photos, first find out who makes the program. In this case Google makes the program Picasa so only download the program directly from Google themselves.

Purpose: This will help keep your computer free of unwanted and dangerous applications. We all have seen it happen. You go to download a program and without paying close attention the next thing you know there are five other programs on your computer you did not want and have no idea if they are good or bad or what they are even doing there.