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How To Avoid Malware Infections

malware cleaningMalware is a term used to describe a broad category of damaging software that includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, and adware. The effects of malware range from brief annoyance to computer crashes and identity theft. Malware is easier to avoid than it is to remove. Avoiding malware involves a two-part strategy. Follow these guidelines for staying safe.

Prevent Malware With Smart Online Behavior

The single biggest factor in preventing a malware infection on your PC is you. You don’t need expert knowledge or special training. You just need vigilance to avoid downloading and installing anything you do not understand or trust, no matter how tempting, from the following sources:

From a website: If you are unsure, leave the site and research the software you are being asked to install. If it is OK, you can always come back to site and install it. If it is not OK, you will avoid a malware headache.

From e-mail: Do not trust anything associated with a spam e-mail. Approach e-mail from people you know with caution when the message contains links or attachments. If you are suspicious of what you are being asked to view or install, don’t do it.

From physical media: Your friends, family, and associates may unknowingly give you a disc or flash drive with an infected file on it. Don’t blindly accept these files; scan them with security software. If you are still unsure, do not accept the files.

From a pop-up window: Some pop-up windows or boxes will attempt to corner you into downloading software or accepting a free “system scan” of some type. Often these pop-ups will employ scare tactics to make you believe you need what they are offering in order to be safe. Close the pop-up without clicking anything inside it (including the X in the corner). Close the window via Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl-Alt-Delete).

From another piece of software: Some programs attempt to install malware as a part of their own installation process. When installing software, pay close attention to the message boxes before clicking Next, OK, or I Agree. Scan the user agreement for anything that suggests malware may be a part of the installation. If you are unsure, cancel the installation, check up on the program, and run the installation again if you determine it is safe.

From illegal file-sharing services: You’re on your own if you enter this realm. There is little quality control in the world of illegal software, and it is easy for an attacker to name a piece of malware after a popular movie, album, or program to tempt you into downloading it.


Our Services

If you happen to miss something and end up with an infected computer, no worries as that is what we are here for. We provide professional virus and malware cleaning service to both home and business clients in the Kingston, Wilkes Barre, Forty Fort, Back Mountain areas and provide the instruction and tools needed to help you avoid the problem in the future so you can keep your own computer clean from that point forward.

We have several packages available when it comes to malware cleanups but we always recommend our SILVER package in which we not only perform the malware cleaning but we do all the security patched, updates and install our malware and system maintenance tools and show you how to use them to prevent future cleanings being required. We try to go the extra mile in teaching you what to do and what not to do so when you leave you have the tools and knowledge to continue the fight against malware on your own.

We also are constantly posting updates to both our website and our Facebook page to inform you of new threats and techniques to avoid them. Visit our Facebook page and don’t forget to LIKE it so you receive all our updates.

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