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Avast Antivirus Installation Instructions

This is my tried and true recipe for installing and configuring Avast Antivirus :

1. Download the installer here

2. Save the file and run it to start installation

3. On the first screen click on the Custom Installation Link

4. On the second screen click continue

5. On the third screen un-check all items from the tools menu except:

  • Software Updater
  • Browser Cleanup

6. Click continue (three times) to proceed with the installation.

7. When the install is done register Avast Antivirus to enjoy one year of protection for free

8. Be sure to click on “Stay With Basic Protection” at the end of registration

9. Now we have to customize the settings by clicking on settings on the left.

  • Please check “Scan for Potentially Unwanted Programs”
  • Under “Sounds” turn of sounds if you so desire

10. Click on “Update” on the left then under program updates change the setting to automatic.

Click OK and you are done and now well protected. Surf safely my friends….